Witchaven Dungeon Map

The Witchaven is located between East Ardougne and Witchaven . It is a fairly small dungeon, but is popular with a lot of members due to there being 2 hellhounds down there. Below is a list of monsters in the dungeon. This dungeon is also used the in the Family Crest quest for the pure gold. The […]

Heroes’ Guild Basement Map

The heroes guild basement is often used as a place to range or mage the blue dragon that is enclosed inside a cage, it is also used by high level miners to mine the rune rocks located to the south of the basement. You can also recharge your amulet of glory at the Fountain of Heroes.

Blood Rune Tower Map

This small dungeon underneath a tower north of Ardougne. Not only does it have plenty of Ogres, but there are also two chests you can steal from. They give you 2 blood runes and 500gp. To enter the tower, you will need to picklock a door, which requires Thieving level 46, and it gives you 37.5 XP. […]

Ardougne Sewers map

This is a small dungeon under Ardougne, with an entrance that is not on the RuneScape map for some reason. The entrance is a manhole, and there are only rats and zombies in the sewer. There is even a mining area there, with coal and iron rocks.

Ancient Cavern map

This dungeon can be accessed via the whirlpool near the Barbarian Outpost after you have completed Otto Godblessed’s barbarian training. The Ancient Cavern is home to the toughest Slayer master in the game so far, Kuradel, and her renowned Slayer cave. It is also currently the only location to contain Mithril Dragons. The cavern is also often populated by […]

Karamja Volcano Dungeon

This is a large dungeon, with lots of Lesser Demons (level 82) and other middle leveled monsters. This is a popular training area, both on free and members worlds. The entrance is on the Karamja Volcano, and there is also an entrance on Crandor. Near the entrance on the Karamja Volcano, there are some gold […]

Ice Dungeon map

Located south of Port Sarim, with the entrance on a cliff near the coast, far away from banks, this is a good training spot as it isn’t as full as other dungeons, except in the ice chamber, which is always full of people training on the Ice Warriors and Ice Giants. The deeper you go […]

Brimhaven Dungeon

The dungeon entrance is located in southwest Brimhaven. To enter it, you will need to talk to Saniboch (who is outside the entrance) and pay him 875 gold. If you have the Karamja gloves 3 you do not have to pay at all. A hatchet will be needed if you are to navigate the dungeon, as […]

Varrock Sewers Map

The Varrock sewers is a large dungeon underneath Varrock which you can enter through a manhole. This dungeon has many different monsters including giant rats, zombies, skeletons, ghosts, deadly spiders and moss giants. The deeper you go, the more dangerous will it be. This dungeon is one of the most popular dungeons in the free worlds. […]

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