Wizards’ Tower City

Introduction The wizards’ tower is located just south of Draynor, from Draynor bank just follow the red line to the tower. This is a great place for Runecrafting and Magic training. [Gbuy id=’680′]  Basement The basement is located at the very bottom of the tower. To get here just climb down the ladders on the ground floor, to get […]

Barbarian Outpost City

Introduction The Barbarian Outpost lies in the northern part of the Kingdom of Kandarin, north of the Baxtorian Waterfall and south of the Lighthouse. It is mainly known for its agility course, which requires level 35 Agility to do. You will also have to complete the Alfred Grimhand Barcrawl mini-quest before you gain access to the course. [Gbuy id=’667′] […]

Yanille City

Introduction Yanille is located south of East Ardougne and east of Castle Wars thus making it a members only city. It contains the Wizards’ Guild Guide which is an excellent place to mine Rune essence and to buy Magic equipment. You may choose to have your player owned house at Yanille as long as you meet the level 50 Construction requirement. There is […]

Varrock City

Varrock – Introduction Welcome to the grand city of Varrock! This great city lies in the centre of the F2P (Free to play) worlds and is one of the largest city in the realm of RuneScape. It is also the comfortable home of King Roald, master of the Kingdom of Misthalin. Now let us take […]

Rimmington City

Introduction Rimmington is a small town South West of Falador and West of Port Sarim. Due to its location, bordered to the west and the south by seas at the southwestern part of the Kingdom of Asgarnia, it is an isolated place with few visitors. Its most popular attractions are the mines located north-east of […]

Piscatoris Fishing Colony City

[Gbuy id=’581′]Piscatoris is a place where many players gather to fish monkfish, tuna or swordfish. Shark however cannot be caught here. Players making molten glass for crafting may also come here and pick up seaweed used as an ingredient for glass, from the nets. This is also the startpoint for Swan Song (see (*) mark on the […]

Musa Point City

Introduction Musa Point is a small place on Karamja, and many people come to fish here. The town is also very well known for its volcano filled with interesting monsters such as Elvarg the Dragon, Spiders, Demons and much more. [Gbuy id=’563′] Transportation To travel to Musa Point you must first speak to a seaman […]

Lletya City

Lletya City – Introduction Lletya is an elven village located in east Tirannwn, and is only accessible shortly after Mournings End Part 1 has been started. [Gbuy id=’548′] 1. Eluned and Islwyn To start Mournings End Part 1, you must speak to Eluned. She will teleport you to Lletya and give you a teleport crystal (with 4 charges) […]

Falador City

Falador – Introduction Welcome to Falador. This city is the start to three quests, home to two banks, six ranges, 21 buildings and one palace. [Gbuy id=’502′] 1. Hairdresser’s Salon [Gbuy id=’503′]There are two parts to this Salon. This is the first part where you can get your haircut and a color change! Unfortunatly, as […]

Edgeville City

Introduction Edgeville is a town where players bank their fish caught at the Barbarian Village fishing spot, cut yew trees just south of the bank and Runecraft in the Abyss. Location Location: Edgeville is located north of Barbarian Village, west of Varrock. Map: [Gbuy id=’489′] Edgeville Bank Players bank their fish from the Barbarian Village […]

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