Useful Training Ways 3 to Get 99 Prayer

Maybe you have been here. As your escape adventure progresses, your statistics will become even stronger. Experience snowballs as you leave your nose worms. This is not surprising. High standards make you different. Increase your attraction. Give you an unusual idol advantage. Prayer training is not acceptable. It can help you fight together. Improve your combat statistics and save your valuables. That’s why you want a higher level, even 99. Inevitably, people will think of this problem. What is the fastest way to improve my rating? “How long does it take to pray 99?” How much RS gold do you need? “OSRS Prayer Training Guide, and finally you want to take the XP Fast Track – zero charge. But sometimes, your bank is not as big as you think. Fortunately, we have a proven OSRS prayer guide and some discount osrsGold. Yes, you need to pray for XP and grades quickly and easily. Think about how surprised your friends will be. You might even hear signs of swearing, not. Then pile up a few bones. Save your runes Use your elegance to work. There are three ways to get 99 prayers without destroying the bank.

Consider using these bones before diving into:

Kiel – per keel 2.5K

Big bone “- 9.6K per person

High quality keel – per keel 12.3K

Since the completion of this building, the gold-plated altar has been the main content of prayer practice. They can be built in a 75-layer Poh. But you don’t need a private altar. In the world of family gatherings, you can easily find them. You might think, “Why is the gold-plated altar so special?” First of all, they are easy to enter. Second, they gave you 3.5 times the prayer XP (two ignited burners). Third, they did not ask for it. Very good, aren’t you?

OSRS Prayer Training Guide

Gilded Altar

Before diving in, consider using these bones:

  • Dragon bones – 2.5k each
  • Dagannoth bones – 9.6k each
  • Superior dragon bones – 12.3k each

Gilded altars have been a staple in prayer leveling since the release of construction. They can be built in your POH at level 75. However, you don’t need a personal altar. As you can easily locate them in a house party world. You may be thinking, “what makes a gilded altar so special?” First, they’re easy to access. Second, they give you 3.5x prayer xp (with two lit burners). Third, they have no requirements. Pretty good, wouldn’t you say?

Gilded Altar Breakdown

From level 1-99 prayer – here’s the number of bones needed and cost:

  • Dragon bones – 52,724 bones = 131M
  • Dagannoth bones – 29,737 = 277M
  • Superior dragon bones – 23,423 = 294M

What You Need:

  • Noted Bones
  • Coins (50k+)
  • Inventory of bones

What to Do:

  1. Log into world 330 and teleport to Rimmington.
  2. See who’s advertising guided alters and enter that house.
  3. Once in, use your bones on the altar and soak up the experience.
  4. Exit the house and unnote your bones with Phials in the general store.

When you use this method, you can expect to offer nearly 1k bones per hour. Giving you roughly 250k xp (with lit burners). Compared to burying bones, you’ll not only secure your rank in osrs hiscores, you’ll save both time and 3.5x the osrs gold!

Ensouled Heads

[Gbuy id=’975′] Ever wonder where the souls of your vanquished foes go? Sometimes right to their head! Ensouled heads are dropped by specific monsters. They’re used at the dark altar and can be reanimated then defeated for juicy prayer experience.

For being a fairly new prayer training method, it’s very unique. Why? Not only do you get prayer xp through combat, your magic level determines which monsters you’ll reanimate. Therefore the higher your magic level, the more prayer experience you get. Unlike other osrs power leveling methods for prayer, this one’s longer but cuts your prayer cost by half.

Recommended Requirements and Needed Items

  • 72+ Magic
  • 60% Arceuus Favor
  • Med-High combat stats
  • Fairy Ring Code – CIS (unlocked for 80k)
  • Runes for your chosen reanimated spell
  • Daman/Lunar Staff
  • Weapon and Armor
  • Rune Pouch

Number of Heads From 1-99 Prayer

  • 11,141 Demon heads – 64.6M
  • OR 10,027 Abyssal demon heads – 72.2M
  • OR 8,356 dragon heads – 76.2M

How to Reanimate Heads

  1. Teleport near the dark altar using fairy ring code CIS.
  2. With a full inventory of ensouled heads, click the corresponding reanimated spell.
  3. Revive these beasts and slay them once more.
  4. Empty inventory? Teleport to Edgeville, bank, and use fairy ring code CIS again.

Since this method carries higher requirements, you’ll gain nearly the same xp as a gilded altar, but at a steep discount. If you use this method, expect these experience rates:

  • Demon heads – 215k xp per hour
  • Abyssal demon heads – 240k xp per hour
  • Dragon heads – 290k xp per hour

As you can see, the dark altar can seriously boost your osrs stats quick. Get prayer and combat levels?Plus save gold? Why not? Pro Tip: Use OSRS skill calc for prayer. You’ll know how many heads/bones you’ll need for the levels you want.

Chaos Altar

[Gbuy id=’976′]By now you’ve realized achieving 99 prayer is fast but costly. But what if you knew another gold saving shortcut? One that can net you 900k prayer xp per hour? Think you’d take a walk to the wild side?Located in level 38 wilderness, the chaos altar is the best prayer skill training method in game.

It mimics a lit gilded altar, blessing you with +350% xp. And offers convenient bone unnoting by the nearby monk. But what really sells this altar? The fact that each bone you offer has a 50% chance of being saved. In effect, turning your 28 inventory slots into 56!

What You Need:

  • 1 Burning Amulet
  • Inventory of select bones (dragon, dagannoth, superior dragon)

What to Do:

  1. Teleport to the Lava Maze.
  2. Sprint west and enter the Chaos Temple.
  3. Quickly use your bones on the altar.
  4. Lookout for PKers!
  5. Empty inventory? Die to the chaos fanatic (north-east) or repeatedly click the wine of Zamorak.
  6. Run to the bank, restock, and repeat step 1.

Due to the chaos altars special ability, those 56 bones translate into 300-450k per hour using dragon bones. And 700-900k per hour using superior dragon bones. And you save 50% on 99 prayer! Chaos Altar Cost:

  • Dragon bones – 66M
  • Dagannoth bones – 138M
  • Superior dragon bones – 147M

Pro Tip: Consider using this method during weekdays or late night. How come? This is a popular PKing hotspot. Due to high traffic, your xp rates may significantly drop.


3 Useful Training Ways to Get 99 Prayer

3 Useful Training Ways to Get 99 Prayer

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