Combat Skill Guide

Combat is thought by some as the most important part of the game RuneScape. It comes in many other different skills, which can be found throughout the guide. It is simply used to kill monsters, and other players. Other players can only be killed in the Wilderness and the Duel Arena. It also shows how experienced a player you are as the higher your level, the more respect you get. This guide covers the three aspects of melee fighting – Attack, Strength and Defence, as well as Constitution.

There are also four other skills which contribute to combat – Prayer, Ranged, Magic and Summoning. For information on these skills please refer to the respective guides.

Table of Contents

  • Combat Level
    • Combat XP Settings
  • Combat Basics
    • Action Bar
    • Adrenaline and Abilities
    • Combat Mode
  • Attack
    • Weapons
    • Abilities
  • Strength
    • Abilities
  • Defence
    • Armor
    • Abilities
  • Constitution
    • Abilities
  • Training
    • Pay-to-Play Methods
    • Free-to-Play Methods
  • Temporary level boosts and Quest rewards
  • Capes of Accomplishment

Combat Level

Every monster and player that has the ability to engage in combat has a combat level. This level summarizes your skill in combat. Your combat consists of:

  • Attack
  • Strength
  • Defence
  • Ranged
  • Magic
  • Prayer
  • Summoning (Members Only)

Your combat level can be Melee, Magic, or Ranged based. The minimum combat level is 3 and the maximum level varies depending on if you are a Member or not – 138 for Members and 126 for Free-to-play players. This is calculated using the following formula:

((Highest result of Attack+Strength, or Magic x2, or Ranged x2) x 13 / 10 + Defence + Constitution + (Prayer / 2) + (Summoning / 2 )) / 4

Rather than using this formula, you can use our Combat Level Calculator to automatically calculate your level for you and how many levels are required to level up.

You may notice that the combat levels of other monsters and players will appear in a color – red, green, yellow, or something in between. Enemies 10 levels or more below you will appear very green. Likewise, if they are 10 levels or more above your combat level, their level will appear very red. If a player or monster is the exact same combat level as you, their level will appear yellow. If the enemy is less than 10 levels below you, their level will appear greenish-yellow, progressing as the level gets lower; enemies above your level will appear orange.

For every monster that you kill, you will be awarded experience split between your selected Combat skill(s) (see below) and Constitution. It is divided between the two as follows:

  • Combat experience = Total experience per kill/1.33
  • Constitution experience = Combat experience per kill/3

Combat XP Settings

The Combat Mode interface allows you to select which combat skill(s) you wish to train while fighting. This can be opened by selecting the gear on the Right side of your main ability bar that also includes your Life points, Adrenaline, Prayer points, and Summoning points.

All Combat sections allow you to choose either a single combat skill to gain experience in or a combination of two or more skills. When selecting multiple skills, the experience will be split evenly amongst them. The skills offered for each combat style is as follows:

  • Magic – Magic and Defence
  • Melee – Attack, Strength, and Defence
  • Ranged – Ranged and Defence

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