South Brimhaven Mining Spot

Rocks:Iron: 1 (red)
Adamantite: 2 (green)
Silver: 1 (white)
Coal 1 (black)
Mithril: 2 (blue)
Empty rocks: 3 (gray)

The South Brimhaven Mining Spot is in South Brimhaven and is a great spot for those who want to have a wide range of ores to mine. Iron, Silver, Coal, Mithril and Adamantite can all be mined here. You should have completed the Shilo Village quest before you use this mining spot.

Getting there
The map below shows the shortest route to the Shilo Village bank. At the quest icon, you have to talk to Mosul Rei and say that you’ll enter the village.

Other information
Snakes, monkeys and some tribesmen surround the area. Therefore, you should have a medium combat level if you want to mine here.

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