Runescape Level 3 begins detailed task guide

Runescape Level 3 begins detailed task guide (free),which includes Comp, Trimmed Comp.

Some instructions before we started:

– This guide is designed to maximize efficiency and minimize training time. The order is selected by selecting the task with the best experience with the least untrained requirements. The RS-based battle formula is estimated to produce a battle level requirement for the boss.

– As a project of Iron Man, a certain level of training can be obtained. If it is not an iron man, you can [previously purchased]. 58 Hunter Desert Treasures]. In addition, occasional combat statistics training is much higher than necessary to minimize the risk of HCIM death [example nomadism. If you are not Ironman / HCIM, you can skip these levels. [Sorry, they are not marked. I can’t do everything =(]

– This guide does not consider XP obtained after getting the task directly after completing the task [unless it is very simple, such as talking to a random NPC, no other skill requirements], or training a statistic to provide XP for other data. If you want to get these rewards after the quest, you can pick it up when the guide tells you to train the data.

-STat boosts are never assumed to be used, but you can use them as needed. This guide lists the assumptions for not using the enhanced training level.

So no need to say:

Waterfall mission (acquired level: 30 attacks, 30 attacks) [22 battles]

Druid Ceremony (Acquisition Level: 3 Herblore)

Recruiting drivers (acquisition level: 10 Herblore, 9 Prayer, 9 Agility) [23 Combat]

Missing, assumed death [using defensive lighting] (achieving level: 13 agility, 11 prayers, 11 defenses) [26 battles]

Sweep [Strength Beef Stew] (Grade: 32 power)

Plague City (Level: 15 Mining)

Observatory mission (acquisition level: 14 works)

Monk’s friend (grade obtained: 13 woodcuts)

Hazeel Cult (Grade 11 Thieving)

The mystery of murder (acquisition level: 18 works)

The death of the knight [this mission slipped in the crack, so I am not sure what their rank is. CB statistics will drop slightly… but since the guide doesn’t take into account the CB earned by the boss, they are already. Use a defense light. ]

Shadow of Ashdale (acquisition level: 12 defenses, 11 constitutions) [27 battles]

Uneasy ghost (level of acquisition: 15 prayers)

Arav’s Shield [Light of Power]

Stolen heart [use defense lights] (level of acquisition: 14 agility, 13 defenses, 12 constitutions, 12 thieves) [28 battles]

Rough diamonds [use defensive lights] (grades obtained: 15 agility, 14 defenses, 13 thieves, 13 constitutions)

Imp Catcher (level of acquisition: 8 magic)

Merlin’s Crystal [Strength Use Light] (Grade: 33 Intensity)

Holy Grail (level of acquisition: 32 defenses, 30 prayers) [35 battles]

Tree Gnome Village (level of acquisition: 36 attacks) [37 battles]

Dangerous pastor (level of acquisition: 31 prayers)

Scorpion Watcher (Grade: 36 Strength) [38 Battle]

Biohazard (acquisition level: 17 Thieving)

Jungle Potion (Grab Level: 13 Herblore)

Dwarf Cannon (Grade 19)

Songs from the abyss (acquisition level: 15 chapters)

Gunnar’s ground [using Magic on magic] (Grade: 20 Crafting, 9 Magic)

Natural spirit (acquisition level: 33 defense, 24 production, 20 constitution) [40 battle]

Create history (achievement level: 26 productions)

Conference history [Using Defense Outline] (Get Level: 34 Defense)

Broken home [strength use lamp]

Rune Puzzle (Get Level: Level 10 Magic, Level 3 Rune)

Witch’s House (Grade: 28 Constitution) [42 Wars]

Summon ancestors (Get Level: Level 14 Magic)

Vampyre Slayer (acquired level: 37 attacks)

Rune memory (acquired level: 15 magic, 6 runes)

Buyers and wine cellars (acquisition level: 18 Thieving)

White clay myth [using magic lights] (acquired level: 17 magic)

Blood contract (acquisition level: 38 attacks, 2 times remote) [43 war]

Cook’s assistant (acquisition level: 4 cooking)

Death Plateau [Use Magic Light] (Get Level: 18 Magic)

Demon Killer [Use Magic Light]

Wolf whistle (acquisition level: 4 subpoenas)

Perforated note

Let them eat pies (acquisition level: 5 cooking)

Goblin diplomacy

The dimension of disaster: the field of coins

Dimensions of Disaster: Arrav’s Shield (Level: 19 Thieving)

[Train Magic to 20]

Battle Arena (level of acquisition: 41 attacks, 22 thieves) [44 battles]

Tribal Totem (Level: 25 Thieving)

Mining website (acquisition level: 32 mining, 19 Herblore)

Golem (grade obtained: 27 Crafting, 26 Thieving)

[Train Magic to 21]

Big tree (level of acquisition: 44 attacks, 27 agility, 24 magics) [45 battles]

Mountain daughter (level of acquisition: 45 attacks, 33 prayers) [46 battles]

Looking for Myreque (grade obtained: 35 defenses)

[train cooking to 10]

Knight’s Sword (Grab Level: 29 Smith)

Elemental Workshop I (Acquisition Level: 32 Smith, 31 Production)

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