Granite Quarry

Getting there

The map below shows the route from Shantay pass to the quarry. You can half the trip by flying by magic carpet to the Bedabin camp.

Granite and Sandstone

Granite and Sandstone are unique ores to mine. They aren’t used in smithing, and have no material value. The only use is for one quest and mining experience. Sandstone is good for powermining experience if you have a lower mining level (anything under level 50) and granite is good for level 50-99.

Granite and Sandstone are also unique in the fact that there are certain weights of granite and sandstone to be mined. They come in the following weights:

• 1 kilogram (30 xp)
• 2 kilograms (40 xp)
• 5 kilograms (50 xp)
• 10 kilograms (60 xp)

• 500 grams (50 xp)
• 2 kilograms (60 xp)
• 5 kilograms (75 xp)

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