Arzinian Mines

This is a somewhat great Mining spot for gold. There are in total 146 gold ore rocks! It is currently also the biggest mine in entire RuneScape! Not many people know about this wonderful mind and it is almost always empty!

The Arzinian Mines are located in the Fremennik Province. Head towards the Golden Apple Tree and close to that tree there will be an entrance with two dwarf statues in front it. Enter the cave, and you’ll be inside the Keldagrim Mines.

In order to get across to the mines you will need to talk to the Dwarven Ferryman and he will offer you a ride across the river to the other side for a charge of 2 gp. (You can charm him with Ring of Charos(a), that you got from Garden of Tranquillity, and he will let you over for free.)

A small bit north-east of you there should be a bridge crossing another part of the river. Head over it and walk along the river until you reach another Dwarven Boatman, and then head straight west, across another bridge, and you’ll see Dondakan the dwarf.

When you enter you may appear anywhere on the marked spots on this map. Below is a map of the Arzinian Mines:

To enter Arzinian mines you need to complete Between a Rock… You are able to enter the mine by wearing a Gold helmetand asking Dondakan for firing you into the mines using his Dwarf Multi-cannon. Choose the “Can you shoot me into the rock again?” option.

Sometimes you might find it hard walking all the way to the bank with all Gold ores. You can either powermine the Gold or ask the Dwarven boatman a bit East of the entrance to the mines to deposit them into your bank. For depositing them he wants 20% of the Gold, e.x if you want a full inv of gold deposited he will charge 6, however with Ring of Charos(a) you can half the price down to 3.

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