Magic Skill Guide


Magic is a versatile skill and can be used to make money, kill other people or monsters and much more. The spells you can perform can be divided into two categories: harmful and non-harmful. The harmful spells are used to kill monsters or other players, and the non-harmful ones to make your RuneScape life easier. The harmful spells can be divided into strikes, bolts, blasts and waves, but there are also other harmful spells with their own effects. The non-harmful spells include teleportation spells, alchemy spells and enchanting spells, but also include several spells with their own unique effects.

Magic spells can be accessed through the Ability Book. Spells are ordered by type: Magic abilities first, combat spells, teleportation spells and then skill spells. Spells can be cast from the Ability book or by first binding them to the action bar. You can set a combat spell to auto-cast by right clicking it.

Magic Skill Guide

Magic Skill Guide

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If you are just starting out in Magic you may want to pay a visit to Roddeck the Advisor located in the building just east of the Lumbridge General Store to learn about the different kinds of runes and magical spells as well as various other tips. You can train your Magic level safely by casting spells on the dummies in the nearby building. You are unable to cast spells on the dummies after you reach the Magic level of 10. To begin your Magic training, you can receive 30 free mind runes and 30 free air runes from Aubury’s Rune Shop in Varrock.


In order to cast a spell, you need runes in your inventory which will be used to cast the spell. Below is a list of all the runes, what they look like and where they spawn:

Magic Skill Guide

Magic Skill Guide

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Fire Rune This is one of the elemental runes. The cave on Karamja and Scorpion pit.
Magic Skill Guide

Magic Skill Guide

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Air rune This is one of the elemental runes. Lumbridge swamps and Banana field on Karamja.
Magic Skill Guide

Magic Skill Guide

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Earth rune This is one of the elemental runes. Varrock sewers and forest north of Varrock castle.
Magic Skill Guide

Magic Skill Guide

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Water rune This is one of the elemental runes. Scorpion pit.
Magic Skill Guide

Magic Skill Guide

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Body rune Required for curse spells. Upstairs in the Al Kharid scimitar shop, Varrock sewers and west of Varrock castle.
Magic Skill Guide

Magic Skill Guide

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Mind rune Non-elemental rune used in a few specialized spells. Inside Lumbridge castle and Varrock sewers.
Magic Skill Guide

Magic Skill Guide

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Cosmic rune Required for enchanting spells. Top left corner of the wilderness (level 48), guarded by Ice giants and Ice warriors.
Magic Skill Guide

Magic Skill Guide

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Chaos rune Required for Curse and Teleport Block. Level 37 wilderness, guarded by Moss giants; level 15 wilderness at the dark warriors’ castle.
Magic Skill Guide

Magic Skill Guide

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Astral rune Required for most Lunar spells.
Magic Skill Guide

Magic Skill Guide

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Nature rune Required for alchemy spells. Rellekka beach and Level 45 wilderness; you need to use telekinetic grab to get them.
Magic Skill Guide

Magic Skill Guide

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Death rune Required for Ancient Magicks spells. South of Yanille, in the Feldip Hills.
Magic Skill Guide

Magic Skill Guide

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Law rune Required for teleportation spells.
Magic Skill Guide

Magic Skill Guide

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Blood rune Required for Ancient Magicks spells. Wilderness at the poison spiders south of Greaters.
Magic Skill Guide

Magic Skill Guide

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Soul rune Required for high level curse spells. Can only be bought from the Magic Guild in Yanille, Ali’s stall in Al Kharid, Baba Yaga on Lunar Isle, or from fellow players. Also dropped by some high level monsters. This is the only rune that cannot be crafted using the Runecrafting skill.
Magic Skill Guide

Magic Skill Guide

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Armadyl rune Required to cast Storm of Armadyl. Can only be crafted from Pure essence and Dust of Armadyl at the Air altar.

There are several ways to obtain runes in RuneScape. You can make them yourself using the runecrafting skill, or buy them from fellow players, or get them from killing certain monsters. (If you want fire runes, for example, search that phrase in the Tip.It bestiary to see the monsters that drop them.)

Also, several shops throughout RuneScape sell runes, although they may be at a higher price than those bought from players. Check out the Shop DB entries below to view the stock of each store.

Note: Be aware that not all shops sell every type of rune. The rarer ones (cosmic and above) may not be sold in some shops. There are only two stores in the Free-to-Play (F2P) world: Aubury’s in Varrock, south of the east bank and the second is Betty’s in Port Sarim.

Aubury’s Rune Shop None
Betty’s Magic Emporium None
Lundail’s Arena-side Rune Shop Bring a weapon with slash attack to cut through spider webs, and be aware that you will have to travel through the Wilderness to use this store.
Magic Guild Store Level 66 magic is required to enter the guild. You can enter with 63 if you use a magic potion or a wizard’s mind bomb.
Ali’s Discount Wares Runes -Small- – Large- Requires completion of the Rune Mysteries quest and to have completed the rune section of the Rogue Trader minigame.
Battle Runes You must have completed the Abyss miniquest to use this store
Baba Yaga’s Magic Shop You must have at least started the Lunar Diplomacy quest and you must be wearing the seal of passage to access this shop.
Void Knight Magic Store None
TzHaar-Mej-Roh’s Rune Store This shop does not use Gold Pieces (gp) as currency, you must use Tokkul as currency
Magic Training Arena Rewards Shop This shop does not use Gold Pieces (gp) as currency, you must use Pizazz Points instead.


Combination runes are runes that have the abilities of 2 elemental runes put together. The only place to buy these runes is from the Mage Training Arena rewards shop in exchange for Pizazz Points. The only other ways to get them are to buy from other players, or craft them yourself with the Runecrafting skill. They can also be dropped by some monsters. The runes are hard to make and often expensive, therefore they aren’t very good to train with. An elemental staff or battlestaff is better. But for PK’ing, or during quests, or any time pack space is at a premium, they are very useful since they take only one space instead of two.

Magic Skill Guide

Magic Skill Guide

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Mist rune Air and Water
Magic Skill Guide

Magic Skill Guide

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Dust rune Air and Earth
Magic Skill Guide

Magic Skill Guide

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Mud rune Water and Earth
Magic Skill Guide

Magic Skill Guide

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Smoke rune Air and Fire
Magic Skill Guide

Magic Skill Guide

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Steam rune Water and Fire
Magic Skill Guide

Magic Skill Guide

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Lava rune Earth and Fire


Now we know where to get the runes, we need to know what we can do with them. Here’s a list of all the basic spells of RuneScape, with their effects and the amount of runes needed. Member spells are shown on grey rows. As mentioned before, in your spell book tab, you can change the spell display to order by levels (default), teleport spells first, or combat spells first.

Damage inducing spells are shown in bold to locate them easily. The table also includes the base amount of experience you will receive for casting a spell. Experience based on damage inflicted is explained in more detail in the Experience points section.

The table also shows ordinary maximum hit for each offensive spell. Max hit can be boosted several ways, see Increasing max hit. In this table, only the non-increased versions of the maximum hits are shown.

0 Home Teleport Teleports you to any one of various lodestones (see notes*). None 0
1 Air Strike A simple air spell. 1 Air 2.7+ 10
3 Confuse Reduces the target’s chance to hit by 5% for 1 minute. 1 Body 13
4 Bolt Enchantment See bolts section below. (see below) See below
5 Water Strike A simple water spell. 1 Water, 1 Air 7.5+ 40
7 Enchant Level 1 Jewellery Enchants a sapphire amulet, bracelet, necklace, or ring. 1 Water, 1 Cosmic 17.5
9 Earth Strike A simple earth spell. 1 Earth, 1 Air 9.5+ 60
10 Mobilising Armies Teleport. Teleports you to Mobilising Armies 1 Law, 1 Water, 1 Air 19
11 Weaken Reduces the target’s damage dealt by 5% for 1 minute. 1 Body 20.5
13 Fire Strike A simple fire spell. 1 Air, 1 Fire 11.5+ 80
15 Bones to Bananas Changes all held bones up to and including big bones into bananas. 2 Earth, 2 Water, 1 Nature 25
17 Wind Bolt A basic air spell. 2 Air 13.5+ 90
Curse Increases the target’s damage received by 5% for 1 minute. 1 Chaos 29
Bind Prevents creatures from moving for 20 seconds, or players from moving for 10 seconds. 1 Nature 30
21 Low Level Alchemy Converts an item into gold. 3 Fire, 1 Nature 31
23 Water Bolt A basic water spell. 2 Air, 2 Water 16.5+ 100
25 Varrock Teleport Teleports you to Varrock Centre (or the Grand Exchange if switched after the Easy Varrock Tasks). 3 Air, 1 Fire, 1 Law 35
27 Enchant Level 2 Jewellery Enchants an emerald amulet, bracelet, necklace, or ring. 3 Air, 1 Cosmic 37
29 Earth Bolt A basic earth spell. 2 Air, 2 Earth 19.5+ 110
31 Lumbridge Teleport Teleports you to Lumbridge. 3 Air, 1 Earth, 1 Law 41
33 Telekinetic grab Take an item you can see but can’t reach. 1 Air, 1 Law 43
35 Fire Bolt A basic fire spell. 2 Air, 2 Fire 22.5+ 120
37 Falador Teleport Teleports you to Falador. 3 Air, 1 Water, 1 Law 48
40 House teleport Teleports you to your house portal. 1 Air, 1 Earth, 1 Law 30
41 Wind Blast A standard air spell 3 Air 25.5+ 130
43 Superheat Item Smelt ore without a furnace. To smelt Steel, Mithril, Adamant and Rune bars, have the appropriate number of coal required and use the spell on the ore of the bar you wish to make. Note that superheating iron bars is failproof at any level, unlike regular smelting. 4 Fire, 1 Nature 53
45 Camelot Teleport Teleports you to Camelot. Wearing Seers’ headband 3 will deposit you directly south of the pub in Seers’ Village. 5 Air, 1 Law 55.5
47 Water Blast A standard water spell. 3 Air, 3 Water 28.5+ 140
49 Enchant Level 3 Jewellery Enchants a ruby amulet, bracelet, necklace, or ring. 5 Fire, 1 Cosmic 59
50 Iban Blast Missile attack that can do up to 250 damage. Can only be cast when wielding Iban’s Staff, obtained from the Underground PassQuest. 5 fire, 1 Death, Iban staff 42.5+ 250
50 Snare Prevents creatures from moving for 30 seconds, or players for 15 seconds. 2 Nature 60.5+ 20
50 Slayer dart A powerful air spell, which is particularly effective against certain Slayer creatures. Slayer Staff or Staff of Light, 1 Death, 4 Mind 30+ 190**
51 Ardougne teleport Teleports you to Ardougne (must do the Plague City quest first). 2 Water, 2 Law 61
53 Earth Blast A standard earth spell. 3 Air, 3 Earth 31.5+ 150
55 High Level Alchemy Convert an item into more gold. 5 Fire, 1 Nature 65
56 Charge Water Orb Needs to be cast on the water Obelisk. 30 water, 3 cosmic, 1 Unpowered orb 66
57 Enchant Level 4 Jewellery Enchants a diamond amulet, bracelet, necklace, or ring. 10 Earth, 1 Cosmic 67
58 Watchtower Teleport Teleports you to the watchtower (must do the Watch Tower quest first) or to Yanille (if switched after the Hard Ardougne Tasks ). 2 earth, 2 law 68
59 Fire Blast A standard fire spell. 3 Air, 3 Fire 34.5+ 160
60 Bones to Peaches Changes all held bones up to and including big bones into peaches (must buy it from the Mage Training Arenafirst). 4 Earth, 4 Water, 2 Nature 35.5
60 Charge Earth Orb Needs to be cast on the Earth Obelisk. 30 Earth, 3 Cosmic, 1 Unpowered orb 70
60 Divine Storm A powerful air spell (must learn in Mage Arena). It replaced the old Claws of Guthix, Flames of Zamorak, and Saradomin Strike spells, along with the power-up spell Charge. 5 Air ?? ??
61 Trollheim Teleport Teleports you to Trollheim (must do Eadgar’s Ruse quest first). 2 Fire, 2 Law 68
62 Air Wave A powerful air spell. 4 Air 36+ 170
63 Charge Fire Orb Needs to be cast on the Fire Obelisk. 30 Fire, 3 Cosmic, 1 Unpowered orb 73
64 Ape Atoll teleport Teleports you to the Ape Atoll (requires Awowogei portion of Recipe for Disaster quest). 1 Banana, 2 Fires, 2 Waters, 2 Laws 74
65 Water Wave A powerful water spell. 4 Water, 4 Air 37.5+ 180
66 Charge Air Orb Needs to be cast on the Air Obelisk. 30 Air, 3 Cosmic, 1 Unpowered orb 76
66 Vulnerability Increases the target’s damage received by 10% for 1 minute. 1 Chaos, 1 Soul 76
68 Enchant Level 5 Jewellery Enchants a dragonstone amulet, bracelet, necklace, or ring. 15 Earth, 15 Water, 1 Cosmic 78
70 Earth Wave A powerful earth spell. 4 Earth, 4 Air 40+ 190
73 Enfeeble Reduces the target’s damage dealt by 10% for 1 minute. 1 Body, 1 Soul 83
74 Teleother Lumbridge Teleports target player to Lumbridge. 1 Soul, 1 Law, 1 Earth 84
75 Fire Wave A powerful fire spell. 7 Fire, 5 Air, 1 Blood 42.5+ 200
77 Storm of Armadyl Unlocked after Ritual of the Mahjarrat. Deals damage and lowers the targets defence by 1 on each successful cast. 1 Armadyl 70+ 160+***
79 Entangle Prevents creatures from moving for 40 seconds, or players for 20 seconds. 5 Earth, 5 Water, 4 Nature 91+ 40
80 Stagger Reduces the target’s chance to hit by 10% for one minute. 1 Mind, 1 Soul 90
81 Wind surge A very powerful air spell. 5 Air 75+ 220
82 Teleother Falador Teleports target player to Falador. 1 Soul, 1 Law, 1 Water 92
85 Teleblock Stops enemy from teleporting for 5 minutes. 1 Chaos, 1 Law, 1 Death 80
85 Water surge A very powerful water spell. 5 Water, 5 Air 80+ 240
87 Enchant Level 6 Jewellery Enchants an onyx amulet, bracelet, necklace, or ring. 1 Cosmic, 20 Earth, 20 Fire 97
90 Teleother Camelot Teleports target player to Camelot. 2 Soul, 1 Law, 100
90 Earth surge A very powerful earth spell. 5 Earth, 5 Air 85+ 260
95 Fire surge A very powerful fire spell. 5 Fire, 5 Air 90+ 280


* No runes are required for the Home Teleport spell, but the spell animation takes some time so it cannot be used to leave combat. However, it is very useful for players who are lost and need to get back to familiar ground. For players in the tutorial mode for the Burthorpe area, this spell will only teleport them to Burthorpe until the tutorial mode is disabled. Refer to the Lodestone section of the Getting Around guide for more information on lodestones.

** With 99 Magic, the Magic Dart Spell can increase to a maximum of 200 damage.

*** For every magic level the user has above 77, an extra 5 damage is added to the maximum hit of Storm of Armadyl. It also has a minimum damage, provided that the spell scores a successful hit.

Increasing max hit

Certain staves increase the maximum hit of all combat spells by 10%. These staves include: Ahrim’s Staff, Ancient Staff, Master wand, Corrupt Zuriel’s staff, Zuriel’s staff and Void Knight Mace. You can read more about these staves in the Staves and the Special Spell Staves sections of this guide.

Certain rewards from the Dungeoneering Skill increase your magic accuracy bonus. The Gravite staff increases your accuracy by 550 and the Chaotic staff increases your accuracy by 800. The Arcane Necklaces, when worn in the amulet slot, boost your Magic stat as follows:

  • Arcane pulse necklace: ?
  • Arcane blast necklace: +24 Magic bonus.
  • Arcane stream necklace: +44 Magic bonus.

If your magic level is increased by any means your max hit will increase by 3% per boosted level. See the Skill Boosts section for details on how to boost your magic level.

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