RS Task Introduction (Membership) The Golem

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Difficulty: Medium – Easy

Length: Medium

Need: Level 20 Crafting & Level 25 thieving

Requirements: Full desert robe, desert boot, water skins, knife can be bought at shantay pass, four soft clays, Pestle and mortar, Papyrus, a piece of paper that can be used to crush things when making medicine, and Ali Morris. I got it at me, Vial, and if you want some gems, bring Hammer & chisel.

Award: 1 Task Point, 1 K crafting exp, 1 K thieving exp, if you take Hammer & chisel to chisel that demon’s throne, you will get 2 Ruby 2 Emeralds and 2 Sapphires. Starting place: Uzer ruins, east of the Great Desert (through shantay pass)

Starter Person: Talk to Goem about the task flow: Go to the desert and find shantay in the south of the desert, buy a shantay pass, and have full desert, water skin, knife, remember: water skin and knife must be brought! Otherwise you’ll die of the heat in the desert. Water skin is for drinking water, the knife is for cutting cactus to get water.) Go south, give that guard shantay pass, and you will come to the real desert, and then take a flying carpet / walk (just out of shantay pass there is a rug merchant, you can take a flying carpet and choose to fly to Uzer. It costs 200 yuan at a time) to collect the task from the Uzer ruins.

1. Talk to that Golem and you will find that he speaks intermittently. He asks you to fix him. With four soft clays on golem, he’ll thank you and tell you what his mission is. He told you to open the portal in the Uzer ruins and defeat the demon inside. 2. Talk to him again, and he will tell you that you need to touch some sculptures (organs) in the ground through that staircase to open the portal. 3. To the west of that staircase, you will see a letter and pick it up. 4. Climb down the stairs and you’ll see some black mushrooms. Take one and mash it with Pestle and mortar. The black mushrooms will turn into some ink and put it in your Vial. 5. Find Elissa mentioned in the letter. Elissa is just north of Dig Site. Find her and talk to her. She asks you to go to Exam Center to find some notes. Go to Exam Center (south of dig site) and find the book case (bookshelf) inside. You’ll find Varmen’s notes. 6. Go to Verrock Museum and talk to curator. Ask him about the statuette and tell him you want to take it away. If he doesn’t take it away for you, you’ll have to steal it. 7. The old man Pick pocket, you’ll get a key. Now go upstairs, you’ll see a display case, open it, and you’ll get the statuette. 8. Now go back to the Uzer ruins, but when you cross the bridge, go north until you see some mines. There’s a desert Phoenix next to those mines. Go to Phoenix and get a feather. 9. After you get the Phoenix feather, go southeast to Uzer, go down that staircase and go to the center. You will see three statutes already there, and put the statutes you got from the museum in that empty place. 10. Turn those statutes to the left in the West and the right in the east. If you rotate correctly, the north gate will open. 11. Enter that door and you will see the demon’s skeleton. If you tell that Golem, the devil is dead. (If you want gems, go north and cut those gems with hammer & chisel.) 12. Get out that portal, find a key to the southwest (Strange implementation), and go back to golem. 13. Tell the Golem that the demon is dead, but the Golem system has been set to “destroy the demon”, so Golem won’t believe you. Use the phoenix feather you just got to dip in some ink, write “your task is done” on papyrus, then use the key (Strange implementation) to open the back of its brain, while he is not closed, quickly put in the paper you just wrote. The Golem will accept the new settings and complete the task.

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