RS Task Strategy (Membership) The Fremennik Trials

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Skills required: 40 level woodcutting, 40 level Crafting, 25 level Fletching, intermediate and advanced level will help

Requirements: 5250 gp, Tinderbox, Axe, 1 Cabbage, 1 potato, 1 onion, Knife, 1 Raw shark

Reward: 3 task points, strength, attack, defence, hitpoints, crafting, agility, thieving, fletching, woodcutting, and fishing gained 2813 experience respectively. Use all Relleka’s resources, including shopping, talking and so on. The ability to buy Berserker helm/warrior helm/archer helm/Farser helm (that is, those horn hats).

Starting place: Relleka Main Building, Brundt.

Go to the main bar building in Relleka (north of Seer’s Village) and ask Brundt what it takes to be a Fremennik. He tells you that you need seven Council members to vote before you can be a Fremennik. The seven persons are:

Manni the Reveller

Swensen the Navigator

Sigli the Huntsman

Olaf the Bard

Sigmund the Merchant

Thorvald the Warrior

Peer the Seer

A. Manni the Reveller

1. After talking to Brundt, talk to Manni (he’s in the bar), and he’ll vote for you if you drink with him and win him.

2. Take a Keg and a beer from the table and play against him. You will lose.

3. Go back to Seer’s Village and talk to Poison Sales man next to the bank. Ask him what his latest product is and if he can buy some.

4. You will buy low alcohol keg. Now go back to Relleka, but if you give Council workman a beer (the one you just took from the bar) next to a bridge on the way, he’ll throw you a Strange object.

5. Go to the east of Relleka’s main bar building and you will see a Pipe. Use your Tinderbox to light the cherry bomb, and then put the cherry bomb in Pipe.

6. Go back to Manni, get a Keg, pour the low alcohol keg you just bought into the ordinary keg, and then compete with Manni, and you will win. Congratulations, you won a vote!

B. Swensen the Navigator

1. A little southwest of the bar from the start of the assignment is Swensen’s house. Talking to him, he will say that if you can get out of his maze, he will vote for you.

2. There is a ladder beside him. He climbs down. You will find yourself in the middle of four portals. (The four portals are facing east, south, West and north)

3. Now use the direction key on the keyboard to adjust the pointer in the upper right corner to the correct position (N ^ S V W < E >), and then follow this direction: S W E N SEN (actually Swensen’s own name).

4. Climb the ladder and you will get another vote.

C. Sigli the Huntsman

1. Prepare food and bring your equipment and weapons.

2. A little southeast of Swensen’s house is where Sigli is located. He’ll tell you that if you kill Draugen (lvl 69), he’ll vote for you.

3. Agree with his conversation and he will give you a Hunter’s talisman. To the south of Relleka, the talisman of Locate, talisman, tells you the direction of Draugen, and Locate (it won’t appear for a while) until Draugen appears and kills it, then returns to Siglia.

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