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Entering the MarketOur growth within the Runescape market grew faster than anyone could have anticipated. What started out as selling Oldschool gold then moved onto buying it as well. We then saw an opportunity to increase our reach by providing runescape membership services. Followed by an entry into the Runescape 3 market. Before our first month had passed we were providing users with the option to buy rs3 gold from us. At the same time Rs3 suppliers had heard of the level of customer service that their friends had received and were quick to jump on the Bogla side of the market. Fast forward a couple of years, after 100’s of thousands of people have visited Bogla, our presence within the Oldschool and Runescape 3 communities continues to grow.

Choosing BoglaWe appreciate everyone who has recommended their friends to buy osrs gold from our team. Please thank them on our behalf. We wish to continue being the top Runescape gold supplier that buyers and sellers can turn to for an exchange that they feel comfortable every step of the way. Venture into the realm of Gielinor with the help of the Bogla team. Whether you heard about us from the Old school rsbotting websites we advertise on, the Runescape reddit page, or from a streamers twitch channel, we’re happy you made it here!

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