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Anytime you make a purchase your email is recorded and you will automatically be enrolled in our loyalty program to start earning points! Earning points is fun and easy but even more importantly, you will be rewarded for the gold you are buying. If you have already made purchases through the website then you already have a loyalty account. You can always check your status and current points with one of our live chat agents.

Earning Points

For every one dollar you spend you will earn one point. 

You can also earn points for referring other players which is a great way to hit your numbers. Each tier earns a different amount of points for each referral. So, please make sure to check you current tier to determine how many points you’ll earn for that referral.

Points do expire when redeemed or 365 days after the purchase.

Each loyalty tier has a different requirement for entering into that tier. It is the user’s job to maintain their status by making sure they have enough points to hit the requirements for that monthly tier by the end of the month.

Yearly Tiers

Bronze and silver are yearly tiers. This means you just need to hit a certain amount of points once per year to maintain that status. Both of these tiers can be reached within one month. If you earn one of the monthly tiers and fail to maintain it, you will be bumped down to the yearly tier that you still qualify into.

Monthly Tiers 

Gold and Platinum are monthly tiers, this means that to maintain the status you will need to hit a certain amount of points every month. Keep in mind that extra points from previous months can be used to hit your monthly for the following months and can be rolled over. 

In order to hit gold, you will need to be at least silver for one month

In order to hit platinum, you will need to be gold for at least one month

Redeeming Rewards

Every month our team will automatically apply points to their corresponding statuses. We will let you know ahead of time what level you are in for the upcoming month and how many points you will need to maintain your status or move on to the next status. Our 24/7 live chat agents can also answer that question for you. We will let you know by email or text, whichever you provide to let you know if you’re at risk of losing your status or being bumped down to a lower status.

Please note that it is your responsibility to stay on top of your loyalty account. We do our best to keep you informed but ultimately it is your job to make sure you have enough points to maintain your statuses. 

Redeeming a T-shirt: We will automatically send you a t-shirt with the corresponding status tier, once you have been a member of that status for at least three consecutive months.

Checking Loyalty Status

If you’re ever wondering what status you currently have, you can connect to our 24/7 Live chat and ask one of our agents. They can provide you your current status, your points till the next status, or your points to maintain a status.

Looter Day

On the 10th and 20th of every month Bronze level looters and higher get access to a special rewards day designed for our loyal customers. Twice a month we hold this event to thank our customers for their support and offer them a deal they cant get anywhere else! Our customers love Looter day and we are glad to be able to offer it to thousands of looters! As far as the deals go, we only know hours before launch, this way the special is always a suprise. Join us on the next looter day by making sure you are Bronze status!

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