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The Creation of PieGP I had just finished off a glass of beer at the Jolly Boar Inn with a girl I had met back in varrock while trying to sell my santa hat. While following her back to varrock I saw a large pile of Runescape Gold appear just north of me. Being the young opportunist that I was, I quickly ran to grab the GP. Before I knew it my runescape character had turned into an ice cube. I frantically clicked south on the minimap, but it was no use. A magical force stopped me from moving. My hopes and dreams came crashing down. I respawned back in lumbridge, santa hat and cash stack gone. I logged off promising myself never to play this game again. There was no way I was going to spend another year killing green dragons to make it all back. A few days later I found myself searching “cheap runescape gold” on google and scrolling through sketchy looking RSGP shops, trying to find the one with the cheapest runescape gold for sale. Luckily, the site I found was legitimate and I was able to get back all of the items that I had just been lured for. Fast forward five years, I hit a lucky streak at the duel arena and had more RSGP than I knew what to do with. I found myself on the other side of the table trying to find a reliable way to sell runescape gold. Unable to find a trustworthy gold site to supply, I decided to create PieGP.COM.

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