Introduction to the Feud’s Task of American Server RS

Award: 1 mission point, Blackjack, 15K Thieves’experience, Desert disguise, 500 gold coins, and Addy machete.

Mission Requirements: Level 30 Thieves Skills, Ability to Kill Level 75 Bandits (Runescape Power Leveling if not)

Goods Requirements: Shanty Pass, Waterkin, at least 1,000 gold coins, and a bucket. Most of the items can be bought in local stores, and some food and prayer potions can be brought to deal with bandits of Grade 75.

After login to runescape accounts, talk to Ali Morrisane in Al-kharid to start the task. He is located in the east of the gemstone shop. During the conversation, he will ask you to help him find his nephew, Ali. Ali lives in a town called Pollnivneach, southeast of Al-kharid. Don’t forget to bring water bags and desert clothes before entering the desert. Also buy Caps and fake beards from Ali Morrisane.

Go to the town of Pollnivneach, southeast of Shanty Pass. If you see a wall, go east and go to the city.

Talk to street urchins and talk about all four things.

Go to the southeastern corner of town, walk into the pub, buy three beers from Ali the barmaid, and talk to drunken Ali, who will let you give him the wine in exchange for the information he needs. After giving him three drinks, he’ll tell you that Ali Morrisane’s nephew’s disappearance may have something to do with the gang in town.

Go west of the pub and talk to Ali the operator, next to a purple and yellow tent. They belong to the Menaphites gang. Ask him if the Bandits would stop the war if they gave them a camel.

Then in the north of town, talk to any bandit gang and ask the same question.

Then go to the middle of town and find a camel dealer to buy two camels. Give him 1000 runescape gold and he will give you two camel receipts.

Give each gang a camel receipt, but it doesn’t work.

Now you find that you have to join one of them. Go talk to Ali the operator again and ask him if you can join their gang. He will test you. First you need to steal villages from three towns.

The first resident stole it by ordinary means. Go back to Ali the operator and ask for some advice before stealing the second inhabitant. He will let you disturb those inhabitants first and then steal. Now go find the street toy, give him 10 gold coins to disturb a resident, and then steal the resident with the arrow on his head. Go back to Ali the operator and ask for some advice before stealing the third resident. He’ll give you a stun stick. Use this stun stick to stun a resident and steal him. If there are too many people to lure the inhabitant to an empty place, and then start.

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