RS Membership Task Backpack Expansion Task

This task has no task hint, just follow the steps, this task needs members!!!

Start: Land your Runescape accounts and wear red clothes to the Zamorak wizard northeast of Edgeville

Task Requirements: You must have completed Rune Mysteries Quest.

What You Need: No Special Needs

1 Beginning

At first, follow the river east of Edgeville and go north until you meet the magician Zamorak. Try talking to him without wearing any Guthix or Saradomin items. He will tell you that Wilderness is not a safe place to talk, so he will call you to Varrock.

2 Rune Essence

On the south side of the Aubury’s Rune store is a prayer table and a chapel dedicated to Zamorak, where the magician should be. Talk to him and he will ask you to help him get the Rune Essence Teleport spell. He will give you a Scrying Orb for the Runescape power leveling task.

He tells you that you will need to go from teleport to Rune Essence’s excavation site in three different locations. Here are some places where you can be teleport:

V City Magic Store Entering

The basement of Wizard Tower, an island.

A Upper Island in City A enters

After entering, you can come out directly. After three times, the task items will change color.

You just need teleport to go to Rune Essence’s dig, and then leave. From another place, teleport, you don’t need to dig Rune Essence.

Once you have teleport three times, your Scrying orb will turn completely green. Bring this to the Zamorak Magician in Varrock. He will give you an Abyssal Research Book, a small bag (three Rune Essences) and 1000 Runecrafting experiences.


A small bag (can hold three Rune Essence)

An Abyssal Research Book

Access permissions for The Abyss

1,000 Runecrafting Experience

50 runescape gold

Runecrafting bag information

A variety of bags allow you to carry Rune Essence inside. There are four different sizes of bags. Each bag can carry a different number of Rune Essence. You can only carry one bag at a time, and other bags can sometimes explode from Abyssal Creatures.

Small bags can hold up to 3 ESS

Medium-sized bags can hold up to 6 ESS and require 25 Runecrafting. 25-level synthesis

Large bags up to 9 ESS require 50 Runecrafting. 50 level synthesis

Super-large bags can hold up to 12 ESS and require 75 Runecrafting 75 synthesis.

Note! This bag can only contain ESS.

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