Runescape Quick Upgrade Strategy and How to Make Money

First: How to Make Money

Runescape Quick Upgrade Strategy and How to Make Money

1: Mining

The simplest is to dig. Where to dig? Purgatory Speed Mineral! According to the test, if you use the two-hour purgatory time of one dollar treasure to dig, then in the purgatory time of one dollar treasure, the mine you dig can sell about 100,000 gold coins! Now the market price is 70,000 gold coins per dollar! Profit is 30%! Now it’s just 1 YB: 2 hours of purgatory time.

And if you change 45YB’s purgatory time directly, it’s 160 hours, about 1:4, how much profit you can calculate by yourself! Of course, if you have a trumpet, it’s good to sell it immediately.

(Expert-level mining does not see any difference from the primary level at present. In addition, the mine can be manually superimposed. A grid of 255 is full. It is suggested that we keep the second-level mine, the drop rate is too low.)

2: Yuanbao trading resell

This requires a lot of patience, because you do not need transaction fees, such as you sell 1 YB 80,000, 60,000 or 70,000 in revenue, a day down the income is also a lot of oh.

3: Establish a trumpet Trading Group Yingbaojian, just when the opening area is particularly suitable! ___________

Second: How to Use Yuanbao to Practice Level

1: Baicao Garden

Suitable for players with good personality. My friend is very lucky. 1YB goes in. One point is 10 million runescape gold.

Ordinary half is 10,000, 20,000, 50,000. Less experienced, runes, synthesizers, etc.

(Not recommended)

2: Kaiqun Yingbaojian

Bricks, experience, BOSS rolls, drawings and other items will be issued, usually 300,000 RS gold.

Unless you’re lucky enough to open the bricks, it’s not as good as the Baicao Garden.

(Not recommended)

3: The most important thing is to leave the fire to seal the temple!!! Super recommendation, the strategy is as follows.

You must meet the following conditions before you can get 4 million runescape gold at a time

It’s quite good to have more than 2 million extra experience with the Moonlight Box. The following are the conditions:

(1) Use more than 15 seals, which is the lesson of the blood poured out with money. Not one less can do it. Experience will be less than you cry. Less than 15, generally 1 YB150,000 experience.

(2) Must be a strange can not escape!

(3) Previous period must be arranged in a certain order, otherwise less experience will be gained.

(4) On the premise of meeting the above conditions, the shorter the time, the more experience.

The strategies are as follows:

(1) Buy six commanders and nine archers, and buy them every two rs gold before entering.

Fengyuan force can be put in one.

(2) Two leaders in the first round of the first round can end the first round. It must be in the nearest place to the strange, of course, in the corridor through which the strange passes. The Archer is outside.

(3) In the second round, put an archer at the first corner, and then, with the power of Fengyuan, put him in command until the total number of commanders is four, and then put him in order from entering to far.

(4) After three rounds, when there is Fengyuanli, the Archer will be released first and then the commander will be released, according to the order of one archer and one commander. Also according to the distance of the strange mouth from near to far!

(5) According to the order of the fourth step, there must be 15! No less, no more!

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