Pirate’s Treasure Pirates’Treasures runescape

Required props: 60 coins, white apron white apron apron, spade spade

Award: 450 coins, Cut Emerald Jade, and Gold Ring gold ring, get Quest Points 2 points

Location: Port Sarim

Person: Redbeard Frank

Redbeard Frank knows where a treasure is hidden, and you need to convince him to tell you where it is. Come and talk to Redbeard Frank, the pirate, and he’ll tell you that if you want to get a treasure, give him a Karamjan rum rum rum and take a boat to Karamja (it takes 30 gp). Buy a rum from pub / bar bar bar (30 gp). Go to Pub/bar’s Northeast Cabin and tell Luthas that you will help him fill the wooden box outside with Bananas bananas. Go to the bananas field banana tree in the west of the hut. After picking up 10 Bananas bananas, go back to Luthas’cabin. First, put Karamjan rum in the wooden box (use Karamjan rum with crate), and then use the same method to put Bananas bananas in the wooden box. When you’re done, tell Luthas that you’re done and he’ll give you 30gp. Go back to Port Sarim and go west. You will see food shop owner-wydin. Before you talk to him, put on your white apron. Try to enter the store’s warehouse, and you’ll tell you that only employees can enter. Ask him if he can offer you a job, and if you wear white apron, he will agree. There are many wooden cases in the cargo room. One of them has a banana on it. Search the crate and you will get Karamjan rum rum rum. Go back to Redbeard Frank and give him the rum. He’ll give you a key, which is used to open a treasure chest of Varrock Blue Moon Inn. Go to Blue Moon Inn in Varrock and enter the Western room after the first floor. Use that key to open the treasure box in the room. You will get a note telling you that the treasure is located in Falador’s park. Go to Falador’s Park and to the west of the statue in park. Use your Spade spade to dig X on the ground. A gardener will attack you, kill him and dig to finish the task.

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