Dragon Slayer Dragon Slayer Runescape

Starting point: Champion’s guild (outside the South Gate of Varrock)

Skill requirements: 32 Quest points, 34 Smithing casting. 33 Magic magic (or 10,000 gp), enough to kill one lv83 dragon, one lv79 lesser demon

Item Requirements: Hammer Hammer Hammer, 3 Planks Slab (Graveyard of Shadows Shadows Shadow Cemetery on the north-right of Edgeville City, about 20 Wile PK District), 90 Steel nails (Smithing skill with 34 grades). Unfired bowl {Soft clay soft clay = Clay clay + Water water used in Potter’s wheel to make Bowl bowl {Barbarian village barbaric village, go straight out of Barrock West Gate)} Wizard’s mind bomb (go to Falador City Pub/Bar to talk to Emily) Choose “I’ll try the Dind Bomb.” Lobster pot lobster cans (bought at Fishing Shop Fishing Store in Port Sarim Port), Silk Strader silk traders can buy.

Task Start: 1. It’s faster to carry all the above items on your body. The following will specify the items needed for each joint.

2. Go to Champion’s guild, southwest of Varrock, and ask Guild master about Rune platform.

3. Go to Edgeville on the west side of Varrock and find a small house to talk to Oziach. He will give you the Maze key key.

4. Unfired bowl, Lobster pot, WIZARD’S MIND BOMB and S ilk. Then you can go to Ice MountainCE Iceberg (north of Falador City) and talk to Oracle. After that, you can go down to the Dwarven Mine mine and go south from the ladder to the second intersection. You can find a locked room and look for the Chest inside to get the first map of Map part.

5. Go to the South cell of Port Sarim Port (the house under the Food Shop Food Store), kill Wormbrain and use Telekinetic Grab to get the second Map Part map, or talk to Wormbrain and spend 10,000 GP to buy the map.

6. Go to the second floor of Lumbridge City to find Duke Horacio and get Anti-dragon shield.

7. Take Oziach’s Mazae key key with it, and go to the Melzar’s Maze on the west side of Port Sarim Port, equipped with no more food. First kill mice, until you get the red key, open the door in the Northwest corner, kill GHOST upstairs, get the orange key, then open the second door from north to South and go up the stairs, then kill Skeleton until you get the Yellow key, open the southwest door, hit Zombie downstairs until you get the blue key, and open the northernmost blue key. Door, fight with Melzar the mad, get the final open door to play LESSER DEMON, wait for the green KEY to open the door to search CHEST, you can get the third map.

8. Take Hammer hammer, 3 Planks slab, 90 Nails nails, 2000 GP, go to Port Sarim port to talk to the end of Klarense, spend 2000 GP to buy the boat, get on board and go down to the bottom of the boat, then use Planks slab to break holes.

9. Take food and the best equipment and weapons with you one-handedly. Install Anti-dragon shield on it. Ask NED to help you sail in Draynor Village village. Walk to Port Sarim port and talk to NED on the bottom.

10. Make sure you’re ready and look at the map of Crandor Island on the World Map World Map. You can enter the map of Crandor Island. Where, when you go down, open the iron door and you can hit the dragon.

11. After killing the dragon, go out of the wall on the other side and go to the port. It takes 30GP to board the ship and return to Port Sarim. Mission accomplished.

Reward: Get a lot of reward experience, the most important thing is to wear R equipment.

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