Vampire Slayer slaughters vampires runescape

Task site: Draynor Village Village

Requirement: Can kill Level 34 monsters

Requirements: Beer garlic Garlic hammer Hammer.

First, I spoke to organ in Draynor Village village. He was in the house in the centre of the village. He said vampires were attacking people in the village. I hope you can help him, and he told you to look for Dr. Harlow at the Happy Boar Hotel. Go to the bar opposite Varrock City Swordshop to find Dr. Harlow, who will be in the bar. Talk to him and he’ll let you buy a beer beer. Talk to Bartender, buy beer, talk to Dr. Harlow, and after drinking and playing, he will tell you that you need three things to kill vampires. He’ll give you an anvil Stake for killing vampires. And he tells you that you need to pound an anvil into the vampire’s chest with a hammer Hammer. He also said you should use garlic Garlic to weaken vampires. First, buy a hammer from any department store for 1gp. Back to Morgan’s house in the village of Draynor Village. Upstairs, there should be a cupboard on the west side of the house. Open it and search for some garlic Garlic. Don’t look at taking some food with you. It’s time to kill vampires. From the village of Draynor Village, go north until you reach the vampire’s house. Watch out for dead trees on the roadside. They may attack you. When you get inside, go down the stairs to the room on the right side of the first floor. You’ll see a coffin, and when you open it, a Level 34 vampire will attack you. When you beat him out of blood, use Stake to finish his life task.

Task Award: 4,825 Attack Experience and 3 Task Points

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