Runescape The knight’s sword knight’s sword

Start: Talk to the Squire with the Knight’s Accompaniment at Falador White Knights’Castle White Knights Castle

Difficulty: Level 10 Mining, Ice Warriors and Ice Giants with the ability to defend themselves against Level 57 Ice

Need: 1 pick, 1 red berry cake A Redberry Pie, Blurite Ore and 2 iron bars

Start: Talk to Squire, a follower of Falador White Knights’Castle White Knights and Sir Vyvin. He’ll tell you that he lost Sir Vyvin’s sword and helped him make a new one. Ask Reldo at the Varrock Castle Library. Ask him about his love for Imcando Dwarves, and Reldo asks you to check Port Sarim’s seaside. On the cliff, you need to bring a red berry cake A Redberry Pie to the Thurgo dwarf. Ask him if he wants to eat a red berry pie. Note: Talk to him again and ask him if he can make a sword for him. He answered that if you had a picture of a sword, he could make one for you. Go back to Squire and ask him if he has a picture of a sword. He will tell you that Sir Vyvin has a picture in his cabinet. Walk into the main entrance, climb up the stairs, and then walk up the stairs in the next room. There is a small room in the south. Open the cabinet in that room and look for it. You will find the picture. Take the picture to Thurgo and show him. He said he needed two pieces of iron and a Blurite mine to make a sword. You can make your own iron blocks or buy them from other players. Blurite ore can be found in a cave above Thurgo’s home. Inside the cave is the robber Muggers, up is Pirate, and then right is Hobgolblin, a group of destructive brothers. Walk on and you will see a land of ice. Walk East and you will see two Blurite rocks, guarded by Ice Warriors of Level 57 and Ice Giants of Level 53. It is suggested to bring more food for protection. Tip: If you want an extra sword, prepare four iron blocks and two Blurite mines. After Thurgo had made his first sword, he threw it on the ground and asked him to make one. Before talking to Squire, throw one away, or he will take both. After getting the sword, bring it back to Squire to complete the task.

Award: 12,725 Smithing Experience

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