Shield of arrav quests guide

Requirements: A friend or a trumpet (has not completed this task yet)

Requires item: 20-40gp

Mission Difficulty: Character A can kill 23 monsters
Since the character is two people, your personal number or large size is represented by the character A, and your friend’s number or trumpet is represented by the character B.

1. After the characters A and B go to the Varrock Palace Library and Reldo, he will ask you to find a book, shield of arrav, find the book on the bookshelf in the center of the library, read the book, and see About the Black arm and the Phoenix help.

2. Talk to Reldo and he will ask you to find Baraek.

3. Baraek is a Fur Trader fur trader next to the central fountain in Varrock. Give him 20gp and he will tell you about two gangs. At this time, characters A and B do the tasks separately: A1 (Join Phoenix Gang) Character A talks with Baraek again, and will hand you the gang headquarters (Varrock South Dungeon Dungeon) A2 right click to select Talk-Straven and Straven talk, he Call you to kill Jonny the beard, where the blue moon inn Blue Moon Inn kills and gets a Scroll roll. A3 returns to Straven. He gives you a Key Key, then walks to the innermost bedroom and finds half of Broken Shield’s broken shield in the box. After the A3 got out of the dungeon, he went to the northeast corner room (the room with the ladder) and went upstairs to kill the guard, picking up two Phoenix crossbows on the ground. A4 gives the 2 Phoenix crossbow you got to Character B. B1 (join the Black arm) Character B went to talk to Tramp next to the Verrock Sword Store and asked him what he had after the hutong. He would tell you about the Black arm gang and go to the hutong after finishing the conversation. I saw Katrine in a room inside, talking to her, she will ask you to get 2 Phoenix stone bows. B2 talks to Katrine again, and gives the character A to the two Phoenix crossbow of the character B. She will approve you to join the Black arm. B3 enters the right door, then goes upstairs to search the Cupboard cupboard, you will get the Broken shield “broken shield”. At this time, the character AB has a broken shield of the Broken shield, and takes the Curator in the Museum Museum at the bottom right. He will give each of the two half of the Certificates. Exchanging each of the half proofs, AB consists of one to go to the right room in Varrock Palace to find the mission of King Varrock King.

Reward: 1 Quest Start “Search Point” 600gp

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