Runescape TheRestless Ghost can’t rest the ghost

Requirements: can handle 13 level skeleton

Location: Lumbridge Church
Reward: 1Quest Point, 1125 Prayer xp
Speak to Father Aerick at Lumbridge Church.  Rs Gold He wants you to visit Father Urhney, who inhabits the swamp, and ask him how to get out of the ghost. Speak to Father Urhney in the west of Lumbridge Swamp in southwest Lumbridge and he will give you a Ghostspeak amulet. Go back to the church cemetery, talk to Ghostspeak amulet and Restless ghost, and find the skull at the bottom of The Wizard’s Tower. There is a skeleton killing him or fleeing, but to pick up the skull, go back to the grave, and put the skull into the coffin mission.

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