Runescape Demon Slayer

Starting point: downtown Varrock

Requires: 1Gp, a bucket/jug of water jug/bucket, 25 bones common bones

1. Go to the tent at the bottom left of Varrock, talk to Gypsy, give her 1gp fortune telling

2. Speak to Sir Prysin in the Combat Training combat training at the lower left corner of the Palace Palace in Varrock. He will tell you where the key is.

3. Find Captain Rovin on the third floor of the northwest corner of the first floor of Varrock Castle and get the first key.

4. Find a Drain gutter outside the kitchen wall in Varrock, fill it in with a Bucket/Jug of water jug/bucket (if you bring an empty Bucket/Jug bucket/can to fill the kitchen) to Sewer’s dungeon waterway/ditch Go right at the main entrance of the castle, after going out at the right door (the red Dungeon on the right side of Varrock in the Worldmap world map! is the Sewer’s dungeon waterway/ditch entrance), there is a Manhole access hole above, go down the road in the northwest, go At the end of the day, I saw the bones of three people and got the second key.

5. Go to the second floor of the Wizard Tower and find Wizard Traiborn with 25 bones (not best with the item) to change to the third key.

6. Go back to Varrock and talk to Sir Prysin to get the silverlight weapon.

7. Go out from Varrock South Gate and have a stone circle, equipped with silverlight, attack the giant monster, defeat it and then select the Carlem, Aber, Camerinthum, Purchai, Gabindo spells from the Gypsy task. mission completed. Mission reward: silverlight, 3 mission points

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