Runescape Black Knight’Fortress Black Knight’s Fortress

Starting place: White Knight Castle in Falador

Character: Sir Amik Varze on the third floor of the castle
Requirements: Ability to defeat Black Knight 46level and 10 or more Quest point

Start: Talk to Sir Amik Varze. Items required: Cabbage Cabbage, Brozne helemt and Iron bhainbody, wear the Brozne helemt and Iron bhainbody after the Black Knight Castle, enter the castle from the South Gate, and enter through an odd looking wall on the opposite wall. Go up to the second floor and then go up to the third floor. After going to the third floor, go down the stairs from the lower floor to the second floor, go to the third floor on the right side of the room, and then the second floor from the right side of the stairs. Go to the altar and go out from the left door to the opposite stairs downstairs, walk to the corner to see the Grill grille, and listen to the Grill. After listening to the doorstep of the first floor, enter the restaurant, the guard will say that you should not go in, you go strong. After entering, the Black Knight will attack you, quickly run to the stairs and climb to the second floor to go inside, open the dark door on the wall, enter the room with the hole, and then use cabbage with hole to put Cabbage into the hole to destroy the medicine. . mission completed.

Reward: 2500 coins and 3 quest points.

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