runescape Use the Spirit Tree to transfer to the Gnomish Fortress

In the world of RuneSscape, the magnificent trees that inhabit many dwarves are dying. Is this the destruction of mankind, or is it the internal reason? Help the King of Shalin find the real reason to change the unknown fate of this tree.

Difficulty: Moderate (personal opinion). Length: long. Requirements: Level 25 agility, defeating 172 strange abilities. Requirements: 1030 gold coins (from brimhaven to ardougne). PS: I ran.

Mission location: 5

Reward: 11200 agile experience, 18400 attack experience, 2150 magical experiences. You can use the Spirit Tree to send it to the dwarf’s stronghold (to complete the treegnomevillagequest).

Starting point: north of Vista Dune

Start: Talk to Kinna Nod Sarin.


1. Go to Kingnarnodeshareen, north of Zhuru Fort, and he will give you a translation and bark specimen.

Second, bring these two things to Hazelmil. He lives on a small island east of Yaniel. Walk into his house, climb the ladder, talk to him. He will leave a message with a bark specimen. You can translate it with your translation book. No need to be so serious, just understand it. he. The translation is as follows: Amanda Kami Mimic (no need to be so serious, just get it. Hehe.) Will kill the trees!

3. Returning to the king, Luna Viermoni chose the translation (select ‘noneoftheabove’ before the first sentence above. After that, there is still a dialogue, click clickheretocontinue.)

4. Go to Glo. Go out from the gate and look south. From the east side of the tree, walk straight out and see the ladder on the east climb up. Talk to him. Go to the king after the conversation. Of course, all conversations don’t have to be mindful. Also, be careful to find his location. I used to look for him for half an hour. Then a friend took me there. Frustrated).

5. Talk to the king and he will tell you that they have caught someone. You have to see the person you caught. The king told you to tell you that the man was in the prison of the treetops. Go up the ladder and you will see him. When the stripper sees Charlie, he will tell you to go to Glough to search it.

6. Go back to Grove and you will find a journal in his closet. Talk to Glor again, he will catch you and send you to the prison at the top of the tree. (Charlie next door. In prison, Charlie will tell you about the battleship in Karamga, he will tell you the password, let you talk to the foreman at the shipyard. Then the king comes to take you out of jail, you can be like a glider I went to Karama to find the foreman.

7. As soon as you get there, go east and see a door, but you can’t open it. Runaway, Level 23 crew, will ask you for your password and choose: Ka/Lu/Min. Go in and find the 43-story foreman. There are now two options, one is to kill him and the other is to kill him. It is talking to him. If you talk, he will ask you three questions to see if you really come from a gnome. The questions are as follows: A. Hues Gloss: What? (sheisnolongerwithus.) What is the new girlfriend called? (Wormhole.) (If you answer wrong, he will attack you. After that, you will get a log and show it to the king. PS: Fly back to F City with magical elements, or V City, of course It is best to fly back to City A. Then go back to see the King.

8. But when you come back, the guard will not let you in. BuyrsMoney thinks you are a spy. There are two ways to get involved: First, you have completed the mission of the Dwarf Village (TreeGnomevillageQuest). Second, if you did this before doing this, you can go to the door to find Fermi and tell her you want to go in. She will secretly take you in. If you have spoken to her before, help her to bring the sack in, she will send you in for free, if she does not, she will charge you 1000 gold coins. )

9. The King still does not believe in your allegations against Glo. You must go back to the top of the tree and ask for help from Charlie. Charlie suggests that you find Grove’s girlfriend Anita, who may help you. So, as Charlie said, he walked out the gate and headed northwest to see a swamp. She lives in a house on the west side of the swamp. When you find her and talk to her, she will give you a key and let you give the key to Glo. In fact, it is for this key that you can open Glo’s room.

10. Take the key back to Glo’s house, open the box, and you’ll see that Glo has some plans to take over the Rune Collection. The king showed evidence to the king. He still did not believe that he had searched Glo’s house and found only four sticks. The king will give you the stick (there must be 4 spaces left in the bag). You will see that the stick can be made into: t-U-Z-O.

11. Return to Glough’s home and climb east along the tree to the lookout tower. Climbing requires 25% agility, which is why agility needs to reach 25. You will find four pillars on the tower and then place the T-U-Z-O on top from left to right.

12. Ok, everything is ready. Open the lid and go down. After a while, Glo and you had a brief conversation, and then the black monster of Glo came out. Kill the 172-level black monster. PS: It is recommended to hit the ball with bows and arrows, which is easy to worry about. If the bow and arrow are not well practiced, take a knife and pray for the potion to prevent physical attacks. Of course, we must bring more food.

13. Kill it, go to the road to see the king, talk to him. Don’t worry about the content, I won’t write it. Then he sent a guard to check and confirm your story. After confirmation, he will ask you to help him last, go to Dakoni Aston. Ronnawi’s items will search all the roots throughout the area until you find a small blue stone. Give the king a reward when you find it.

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