Runescape Level 3 begins detailed task guide

Runescape Level 3 begins detailed task guide (free)´╝îwhich includes Comp, Trimmed Comp. Some instructions before we started: – This guide is designed to maximize efficiency and minimize training time. The order is selected by selecting the task with the best experience with the least untrained requirements. The RS-based battle formula is estimated to produce a […]

RS Task Introduction (Membership) The Golem

Runescape gold Difficulty: Medium – Easy Length: Medium Need: Level 20 Crafting & Level 25 thieving Requirements: Full desert robe, desert boot, water skins, knife can be bought at shantay pass, four soft clays, Pestle and mortar, Papyrus, a piece of paper that can be used to crush things when making medicine, and Ali Morris. […]

RS Task Strategy (Membership) The Fremennik Trials

In runescape gold Skills required: 40 level woodcutting, 40 level Crafting, 25 level Fletching, intermediate and advanced level will help Requirements: 5250 gp, Tinderbox, Axe, 1 Cabbage, 1 potato, 1 onion, Knife, 1 Raw shark Reward: 3 task points, strength, attack, defence, hitpoints, crafting, agility, thieving, fletching, woodcutting, and fishing gained 2813 experience respectively. Use […]

Introduction to the Feud’s Task of American Server RS

Award: 1 mission point, Blackjack, 15K Thieves’experience, Desert disguise, 500 gold coins, and Addy machete. Mission Requirements: Level 30 Thieves Skills, Ability to Kill Level 75 Bandits (Runescape Power Leveling if not) Goods Requirements: Shanty Pass, Waterkin, at least 1,000 gold coins, and a bucket. Most of the items can be bought in local stores, […]

RS Membership Task Backpack Expansion Task

This task has no task hint, just follow the steps, this task needs members!!! Start: Land your Runescape accounts and wear red clothes to the Zamorak wizard northeast of Edgeville Task Requirements: You must have completed Rune Mysteries Quest. What You Need: No Special Needs 1 Beginning At first, follow the river east of Edgeville […]

Pirate’s Treasure Pirates’Treasures runescape

Required props: 60 coins, white apron white apron apron, spade spade Award: 450 coins, Cut Emerald Jade, and Gold Ring gold ring, get Quest Points 2 points Location: Port Sarim Person: Redbeard Frank Redbeard Frank knows where a treasure is hidden, and you need to convince him to tell you where it is. Come and […]

Dragon Slayer Dragon Slayer Runescape

Starting point: Champion’s guild (outside the South Gate of Varrock) Skill requirements: 32 Quest points, 34 Smithing casting. 33 Magic magic (or 10,000 gp), enough to kill one lv83 dragon, one lv79 lesser demon Item Requirements: Hammer Hammer Hammer, 3 Planks Slab (Graveyard of Shadows Shadows Shadow Cemetery on the north-right of Edgeville City, about […]

Vampire Slayer slaughters vampires runescape

Task site: Draynor Village Village Requirement: Can kill Level 34 monsters Requirements: Beer garlic Garlic hammer Hammer. First, I spoke to organ in Draynor Village village. He was in the house in the centre of the village. He said vampires were attacking people in the village. I hope you can help him, and he told […]

Runescape The knight’s sword knight’s sword

Start: Talk to the Squire with the Knight’s Accompaniment at Falador White Knights’Castle White Knights Castle Difficulty: Level 10 Mining, Ice Warriors and Ice Giants with the ability to defend themselves against Level 57 Ice Need: 1 pick, 1 red berry cake A Redberry Pie, Blurite Ore and 2 iron bars Start: Talk to Squire, […]

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