Brimhaven City

Introduction Welcome to the city of Brimhaven! The Member only city, west of Karamja and north of Shilo Village. [Gbuy id=’429′] 1.Brimhaven Entrance This is the entrance to Brimhaven, just west of Karamja. [Gbuy id=’430′] 2. Agility Arena One of the reasons why many people visit Brimhaven is because of the Agility Arena. To use […]

Barbarian Village City

Barbarian Village – Introduction Welcome to the village of the Barbarian’s. Home to seven buildings, two fishing spots and one safe. A very fun place to have an adventure! Beware the dangerous barbarians though. 1. Tavern This is the official tavern of the Barbarian Village. It is unlike other tavern’s seeing that no serves you […]

Bandit Camp City

Bandit Camp – Introduction Bandit Camp is a small camp in the wilderness level 23 it is surrounded by lava and water. Many pkers come here for food and you must watch out when entering this town as you will be attacked by guard bandits (level 22). As you get into the camp you will […]

Al Kharid City Guides

Al Kharid: City of Sands – Introduction [Gbuy id=’373′]This is Al Kharid. It is the most easternly of all f2p cities. It is to the east of Lumbridge and south east of Varrock. There are many things to do in Al Kharid, including crafting, smithing, low level combat training, and a decent marketplace. Unfortunately for […]

Southwest Varrock Mine

The southwest Varrock mine is located, as the name suggest, southwest of Varrock. The closest Varrock entrance is the southern one, and the mine lies immediately northwest of the Heroes’ Guild. There is a level 6 mugger nearby, who attacks players up to level 12 combat, but the mugger is mainly in the southern part of the […]

South Brimhaven Mining Spot

Rocks:Iron: 1 (red) Adamantite: 2 (green) Silver: 1 (white) Coal 1 (black) Mithril: 2 (blue) Empty rocks: 3 (gray) The South Brimhaven Mining Spot is in South Brimhaven and is a great spot for those who want to have a wide range of ores to mine. Iron, Silver, Coal, Mithril and Adamantite can all be […]

South Ardougne Mining Spot

The South Ardougne Mining Spot is actually two mining spots, but because they are so close together (one click away) they have been combined into one. This place is great for powermining iron and a good place to mine some extra coal on the side. This place is ONLY good for powerminers; around levels 30-45, […]

Skeleton Coal Mining Area

The Skeleton Coal Mining Area rivals that of the Mining guild for the amount of coal in the mining area, with 34 coal rocks. Due to its low popularity, this area is never crowded, so you will not have to fight other players to get the ore. The only downsides are that it’s in the wilderness (level […]

Rune Mine Getting there Other information

The Rune Rock Mining Area is a very popular spot, mainly because of the fact that it’s the only place in free world where you can mine runite ore. It’s located deep in the wilderness (level 46), so beware of revenants that may attack you. There are 2 runite ores to mine here. The closest bank […]

Rune Essence Mine

After doing the Rune Mysteries quest, you can mine Rune essence in the Rune Essence Mine. On a members’ server, you will mine Pure essence if your mining level is higher than 30. Rune essence can be used in runecrafting to craft Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Mind and Body runes. Pure essence can be used to craft all runes. To enter the mine, you will have to go to specific persons that […]

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