Circle of Iron

This mining location is very popular for training. Many high level miners use it to mine iron and drop it to gain experience fast. Other than that, it is a valuable location for gaining ore. The closest bank is northeast of the mine in Ardougne. [Gbuy id=’753′]

Brimhaven South

This gold mine is located just southwest of Brimhaven. The closest bank is in Ardougne, which can be accessed using the boat just to the north of Brimhaven. You could also bank at the TzHaar, although it is a bit further away. This location is also the setting for the entrance to the infamous Brimhaven Dungeon. [Gbuy id=’750′]

Brimhaven North-West

This circle of rocks is located north-west of Brimhaven and N. Karamja. There is not really a bank close by, however the boat to Ardougne is only a minute away. This gold mine is not very popular since there is a better location just south of it. [Gbuy id=’747′]

Barbarian Mine

This mine in the Barbarian Village is quite popular for free players of lower mining levels. The main attractions are the four coal rocks. The closest bank is to the north in Edgeville. The mine is north-east of Falador and west of Varrock [Gbuy id=’744′]

Arzinian Gold Mine

This mining location can only be accessed once you have completed Between a Rock… quest. It the BEST spot in the game to mine gold, with around 146 rocks and veins. This is because the entrance room has an abundance of gold rocks and veins, allowing you to get a load of gold very quickly. Once you […]

Ancient Cavern Mith

The Ancient Cavern is one of the most dangerous dungeons in all of RuneScape, all players that enter the area should be well prepared to face brutal green and mithril dragons, and other high level monsters that can attack in more than one way. The mithril ore is located on the upper level of the […]

Al-Kharid Chasm

This mining site is located north of Al-Kharid. The closest bank would be the one in Al-Kharid, or the Duel Arena bank for members. The northernmost rock is always oreless. If you are of a lower level, watch out for the Scorpions (Level 14). [Gbuy id=’735′]

South Barbarian Village Clay Mine

This clay mine is found south of the pottery wheel and furnace in Barbarian Village. Its primary purpose is to supply clay for the creation of Urns, but the clay mined here can be used for anything. Rocks: 5 Clay Nearest Bank: Edgeville or Varrock West Nearest Furnace: Edgeville Nearest Anvil: Varrock West [Gbuy id=’732′] Thanks To: Kaida23

Barbarian Village Mine Mining

A small mine amidst the small village of the Barbarians. It has a few coal and tin rocks. This is mainly for the lower level miner and free players. Rocks: 5 Tin, 4 Coal. Nearest Bank: Edgeville or West Varrock Nearest Furnace: Edgeville Nearest Anvil: Barbarian Village [Gbuy id=’729′]   Monsters Barbarian: Level 9 / Level 10 / Level 15 / Level 17 Gunthor the Brave: Level […]

Wizards’ Tower City

Introduction The wizards’ tower is located just south of Draynor, from Draynor bank just follow the red line to the tower. This is a great place for Runecrafting and Magic training. [Gbuy id=’680′]  Basement The basement is located at the very bottom of the tower. To get here just climb down the ladders on the ground floor, to get […]

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