Elidinis Clay Mine

This mining location is not very useful except during the Enakhra’s Lament quest to get the clay needed.From the Shantay Pass, head east over the River Elid, then north-east to the mine. [Gbuy id=’784′]

Edgeville North Mine

This mine is located just north of Edgeville next to the Air Obelisk in the wilderness. Several skeletons occupy this mine, and the danger of player killers in the area make this a dangerous place to mine. Due to the low number of rocks in this location, it is not very popular. The closest bank is in Edgeville. […]

Edgeville Dungeon

The mining arena in the Edgeville dungeon is not very close to a bank, however the ladder (south of the mine, just before the hill giants) will bring you somewhat close to the Varrock west bank. Remember that you will need a Brass key to pass through this door, which respawns west of the ladder. Alternatively, the ladder (on […]

East Ardougne Mine

The mine is located east of Ardougne just outside the eastern entrance. It is not an extremely popular spot; however, it is an alternative to gathering coal as in the Miners’ Guild. The closest bank is the one in south Ardougne, however if you have completed the Legends Quest, the Legends’ Guild bank is closer. Note that if you have a combat […]

Dwarven Mines

There are many rocks located in this dungeon. The closest bank is the Falador east bank, which is accessible by going up the ladders in the Miners’ Guild, or the other southern ladder. The eastern part of this mine is riddled with Scorpions and King Scorpions, so lower leveled miners should be wary of them. [Gbuy id=’772′]

Dorgeshuun mines

To be able to enter the Dorgeshuun mines, you must first have completed The Lost Tribe quest. Once you have completed the quest, you can enter the caves – although you require a light source of some sort. To enter the cave, head to the basement of Lumbridge castle and climb through the hole you made in […]

Digsite mine shafts

To be able to enter the shafts of the Digsite Quest, you must have previously used your explosive compound to destroy the brick walls blocking the entrance. Once you have done so, you are able to operate the winch and drop down into this dungeon of Zaros. There are five silver ores in here, as well […]

Crandor Mines

Crandor is another one of those locations with great rocks, but is very hard to reach. If you really wanted to mine here, the closest bank would be Draynor Village for free players and the TzHaar bank for members. You would have to go to Port Sarim to take the boat to Karamja, then use the Karamja Volcanodungeon to access Crandor. […]

Crafting Guild

The Crafting Guild is located southwest of Falador, which just happens to be the location of the closest bank as well. Remember that you will need 40 crafting and need to be wearing a brown apron to get in. [Gbuy id=’759′]

Coal Trucks

The coal trucks are one of the best ways to gain coal. After mining a full inventory of coal, you can put your ores in the carts just to the north. After there is 120 coal in the truck, you can pick up your ore in Seers’ Village at the other end of the tracks near the […]

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