Karamja Jungle Mine

North of Shilo Village is a small clump of rocks, which serve a purpose in the Jungle Potion quest. There are also varieties of ores there; however, they are not very useful because of their location. The closest bank is within Shilo Village. [Gbuy id=’817′]

Jatizso Dungeon Mine

The Jatizso dungeon is home to families of ice trolls that are excellent training and have great drops. This is such a great place to train because mages or rangers are able to hide behind rocks and attack them. In addition, it is not a multi-combat area, so you won’t have to worry about multiple […]

Hobgoblin Mine

This massive mine is located in the level 32 wilderness northeast of the Bandit Camp (wilderness), it is in a non-multi combat zone. There are 70 different rocks in this mine. Since it is in the wilderness, you can assume it is quite dangerous. Occupying this mine are Hobgoblins (Level-28) and you may encounter a number […]

Heroes’ Guild Dungeon

This mining site has some rare rocks, including two of the six rune rocks located in all of RuneScape. The closest bank is in the Rogue’s Den of Burthorpe. It is quite a ways away from the bank, but a rewarding location nevertheless. To access this spot, you must have completed the Heroes Quest. [Gbuy id=’805′]

Haunted Mine

The haunted mine is a place where you can mine after you complete the Haunted Mine quest. This mine is not recommended though as it’s easy to get lost in and is very far from a bank, with the nearest bank being Burg de Rott. [Gbuy id=’800′]

Grand Tree Rocks

To get to the rocks you will need to climb down the ladder then ‘Push’ the roots to your north. The closest bank is two floors up on the west side of The Grand Tree in the Tree Gnome Stronghold. You need to do The Grand Tree Quest before this mine is available to you. It’s often quiet […]

Fremennik Isles Mines

There are a few small mines located north of Neitiznot and Jatizso. The ones further north contain coal, tin and copper, while the one in the middle contains rune ore, situated amongst seven coal rocks. There is a furnace in Neitiznot and an anvil in Jatizso, and a bank at both. The only downfall is […]

Evil Chicken Mine

The Evil Chicken Lair is a small cave consisting of four Black Dragons and one Baby Black dragon. You’ll need to use a raw chicken on the Evil Chicken statue in the lost city to enter the cave. This mine contains four gold, iron and coal rocks, three silver rocks and two mith rocks. [Gbuy […]

Enakhra’s Quarry

This mining location is used during the Enakhra’s Lament quest to mine sandstone and granite to make statues out of. There is also a bronze pickaxe spawn here, in case you forget to bring your own, as well as two clay rocks. [Gbuy id=’788′]

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