Pirate’s Mine

You can find this mine in the northern part of the wilderness, next to the Pirates’ House. Along with all wilderness mines, mining at this site can be very dangerous. There are also a number of Giant Bats around this mine. The closest bank is in the Mage Arena, however you will need a sharp […]

NE Varrock Limestone

This limestone mine has eight limestone outcrops, and is located northeast of Varrock, just north of the path leading to Drezel’s Temple. This location is pretty good for mining limestone as there’s a bank fairly closeby in Varrock. [Gbuy id=’844′]

Mining Camp

The Desert mining camps’ underground mine can be accessed after and during The Tourist Trap quest. During the quest, you receive a wrought iron key that allows you to open the gate into the mithril and adamant section of the mine. This mine has several mithril and adamant rocks but it is very far from a bank […]

Meiyerditch Mine

The mine is located in the most northern part of the city of Meiyerditch The only way to get into the mine at this time is by being caught by the Vyrewatch and being sent to the mines. The mine is a good shortcut alternative to walking, to quickly get to the other side of the city. […]

Lunar Isle Mines

In the heart of the magical island belonging to the Moon Clan lies the source of their continued existance – rune essence. This is the only known location in the explorable world where people can mine it without needing to be teleported to the hidden locations. Other riches lie in this mine so that jewellery […]

Lumbridge Swamp West

The western Lumbridge Swamp mine is located directly just east of the Draynor Wizard Tower. This mine is close to the bank in Draynor Village so it may prove to be useful to some mid-leveled miners. [Gbuy id=’832′]

Lumbridge Swamp East

The eastern Lumbridge Swamp mine is located directly south of Lumbridge’s Graveyard. Simply follow the path south out of the graveyard, and you will soon reach the mine, secluded in the Lumbridge. This mine is relatively close to the Lumbridge Castle bank. Here you fill find 5 tin and 5 copper rocks, as well as a […]

Lava Maze Dungeon

This is home to one of the very few Runite rocks in RuneScape. Due to the difficulty in accessing the rock, it can be a good alternative opportunity to mining rune ore if the other rocks are occupied. [Gbuy id=’826′]

Karamja Volcano

The Karamja Volcano has one of the largest collections of gold rocks in the free world except for the Crafting Guild. Unfortunately, it is rather far from a bank. For members though, mining gold here and banking in The TzHaar is a great alternative as it’s much closer to a bank than the Crafting Guild is. [Gbuy id=’820′]

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