TzHaar mine

A small mine is situated to the right of the TzHaar bank. This mine contains three gold and silver ores. While there are still better locations to collect gold and silver ore, this mine, being very close to a bank, can be considered fairly good as well. [Gbuy id=’877′]

Taverley Mine

This mining site is located south of Taverley and just west of Falador. The trip to the bank of Falador from this mine is quite short, since you can use the crumbling wall on the western wall of Falador both ways now. Falador west bank is the closest bank to this mine. [Gbuy id=’874′]

Southeast Varrock Mine

This mining site contains many low-level rocks such as copper, tin, and iron. It is a preferred place for mining these ores due to its proximity to a bank. The closest bank is located in east Varrock. The iron rocks are also some of the closest to a bank for the free to play lands. [Gbuy […]

Sophanem Gold Mine

This gold mine is located just to the north of Sophanem, north-west of the Agility Pyramid. This mine contains five gold ore rocks. This isn’t a very good mine to use as it’s fairly isolated, and you will need waterskins to stay alive out in the heat of the desert. [Gbuy id=’868′]

Skeleton Mine

The Skeleton Mine is located just north-west of Edgeville in the level 9 wilderness. It has over 30 coal rocks, which is sizable in comparison to the mining guild. If you are going to be mining there, you should be aware of the skeletons in the area and the occasional player killers that may try to attack […]

Shilo Village Gem Rocks

In the northern part of Shilo Village is one of only two locations of gem rocks in the entire RuneScape world. The second is in the Lunar mines. Like regular mining, they require a pickaxe to mine, and they respawn in the same fashion. When mining a gem rock, there is a chance that you will receive […]

Rune Rocks

These Runite rocks are the most well known and sought after of all Runite locations. They are located in the level 46 wilderness just north of the lava maze and are not in a multi-combat zone. To add to the danger of player killers there are a number of Deadly Red Spiders in the area, […]

Rune Essence

The rune essence mine can only be accessed upon completion of the Rune Mysteries Quest. This dungeon contains four essence spires, where you can mine both pure essence and normal essence. Pure essence can only be mined on members servers if you have over level 30 mining, while normal essence can only be mined on free […]

Rimmington Mine

For lower level miners, the mine north of Rimmington is a great starting point. It is free of the dangers of monsters and there are many low-level ore rocks. The two closest banks are roughly the same distance from the mine. One bank is in Draynor Village to the east, and the other bank is in Falador to the north. [Gbuy […]

Rellekka Mines

The two mines near Rellekka are both not as useful as one would hope. They are both fairly far from banks, though the gold/silver mine once you have finished The Fremennik Trials quest is reasonably useful though you would have to drop everything you make due to no nearby general store or bank. [Gbuy id=’850′]

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